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C-M Big Patterns 003 - Rainbow by crowned-meadow C-M Big Patterns 003 - Rainbow :iconcrowned-meadow:crowned-meadow 2 0 C-M Big Patterns 002 - Nature by crowned-meadow C-M Big Patterns 002 - Nature :iconcrowned-meadow:crowned-meadow 3 1 C-M Patterns 004 by crowned-meadow C-M Patterns 004 :iconcrowned-meadow:crowned-meadow 2 0 C-M Big Patterns 001 by crowned-meadow C-M Big Patterns 001 :iconcrowned-meadow:crowned-meadow 7 0 C-M Fractals 004 by crowned-meadow C-M Fractals 004 :iconcrowned-meadow:crowned-meadow 5 0 C-M Fractals 003 by crowned-meadow C-M Fractals 003 :iconcrowned-meadow:crowned-meadow 2 0 C-M Fractals 002 by crowned-meadow C-M Fractals 002 :iconcrowned-meadow:crowned-meadow 6 2 C-M Fractals 001 by crowned-meadow C-M Fractals 001 :iconcrowned-meadow:crowned-meadow 0 0 C-M Icon Brush Set 001 by crowned-meadow C-M Icon Brush Set 001 :iconcrowned-meadow:crowned-meadow 15 8 Warmer Curves by crowned-meadow Warmer Curves :iconcrowned-meadow:crowned-meadow 37 5 Stronger Blues by crowned-meadow Stronger Blues :iconcrowned-meadow:crowned-meadow 4 2 Intense Colours by crowned-meadow Intense Colours :iconcrowned-meadow:crowned-meadow 5 2 C-M Glitter Textures 01 Sample by crowned-meadow C-M Glitter Textures 01 Sample :iconcrowned-meadow:crowned-meadow 1 0 C-M Glitter Textures 01 by crowned-meadow C-M Glitter Textures 01 :iconcrowned-meadow:crowned-meadow 0 0 C-M Orange Sari Sample 002 by crowned-meadow C-M Orange Sari Sample 002 :iconcrowned-meadow:crowned-meadow 1 2 C-M Orange Sari 002 by crowned-meadow C-M Orange Sari 002 :iconcrowned-meadow:crowned-meadow 0 0

Random Favourites

-- Create Your Own Stock Story -- Contest
Create your own stocks of a modernized fairy tale or famous character. (see some examples below) Make it humorous and fun! Judging will be done on a point system based on originality, idea, character choice, costume, quality, and composition.
For each character, please submit 1-5 stock photos and let us know who the character is. Send a link to the images in a Note to Doubtful-Della
:bulletred: Although the images do not have to be new for this contest, you will loose points when being judged if the stock is taken before this contest
:bulletred: The stock must be submitted in the correct category or else it will be disqualified
You may submit up to 3 different characters, each one can have up to 5 different poses.
:bulletblue: Contest Starts: January 29, 2007
:bulletblue: Contest Ends: March 12, 2007
Examples from our fine judges:
:icondoubtful-della:Doubtful-Della 42 42
Stock Spotlight #1
Hello everyone! Welcome to Stock Spotlight #1</a> where we feature gems from the Stock gallery through a specific theme.
For this weeks feature we have decided to feature Stock with the theme of Celebration. This represents the New Year being so close and the beginning of our features! We hope that you enjoy these as much as we did finding them!
VStock Crazy Laugh by lockstockBlack and Red 4 by AttempteStock:thumb17939618:cp_1 by jademacallaFireworks by anthonylitz:thumb24946193::thumb1359661::thumb39371021::thumb32628417:Skydancer-Stock 0842 by skydancer-stock
:bulletblue: easy cut out tutorial by Lisajen-stock
:bulletblue: Guide to Stock - Part I by AttempteStock
:iconstock-feature:stock-feature 40 5
Stock Spotlight #2
Hello everyone! Welcome to Stock Spotlight #2</a> where we feature gems from the Stock gallery through a specific theme.
Fear is an emotion that we all possess whether we choose to display it or project it. For today's feature we are going to be showcasing Stock that will either frighten you to bits or show you how scared someone can actually be. Enjoy these!
Nightdress - Fluffy 2 by AttempteStockUnt 2 by EK-StockPhotosAbandoned Hotz Building 18 by Falln-Stock:thumb31643975:Oh No by astrals-stockDutchgirl5 by Beautifulworld-stockJodi Submissive Defense Pose by FantasyStockwookiestock:16 by wookiestockRose Red 22 by Lisajen-stockfilipestock 018 by filipestock
Well DURRRR stock tutorial by lockstock
:bulletblue: Taking Better Stock by lockstock
This tutorial is fantastic because it tells you how to take a good Stock photograph with little to know effort. The tutorials explains simple ways
:iconstock-feature:stock-feature 35 17
#StockTalk - DeviantART's Interactive Stock Chat!
#stocktalk is DeviantART's newest stock chatroom
With benefits for both stockers and those who use it! There are big plans for this chat room, and we hope to have more stockers & manipers interacting as the chatroom progresses. Here is a little list of things that we plan to do in the future!
Request Sessions
These sessions will act as a form of inspiration for stock artists. We will have a "panel" of stockers who would like to participate in the session, as well as you all requesting images from them. After you explain specifically what you would like to see from the stock artists, they will give you a "yes", "no", or "maybe". The panel of stockers is welcome to ask you questions or even give out special packages to manipulators of their choice.
Featured Chats
Interested in seeing how stock artists do their thang? Want to become a stocker yourself? Learn from the best! We will ha
:iconssecret:ssecret 32 13
Great Portrait Stock
Are you sick of looking around the Stock Images>Model>Female>Portrait gallery and only finding crappy myspace-like pictures?
So browse these features, as these are truely art.
Striped by zeldyn-stock Redhead --3 by goddess-fleshStock :thumb47616775: 11282006stock by Magdalene-stock :thumb47561032: Kraehe Shoot 9 by ahiru-and-rue-stock :thumb47496258: :thumb47371937: :thumb47343348: :thumb47109684: Girl With Cute Curls Stock 5 by Gracies-Stock Linda 2 by Count-Monte-Cristo :thumb46744256: Lady of the Lake 03 - Stock by Iv4n4stock stocktwentytwo by brains4dinnerstock :thumb46361803: Stockterfuge: 777 by Stockterfuge Wind In Hair Portraits 5 by Gracies-Stock :thumb46274514: :thumb46243114: :thumb46241297: :thumb46221463:
And OMFG tah pwnzer, tah best stok evaaahh:
LOLOLOL <3<3<3
:iconalinepotter-stock:AlinePotter-stock 44 60
3D Stock Listing
There have been many news articles submitted about stock recently, many that included 3d stock, but I did not see anything for just 3d Stockers. I thought it would be a good idea to submit this list, not only to give myself more views (hey I'm honest, right?), but more views to the other amazing 3D stock artists as well.
I have included stockers who do a majority (or at least a good bit) of 3d stock. If I missed anyone, I apologize.
I hope you all find this list useful.
List is in alphabetical order.



stock 42 by darkmercy-stock stock 43 by darkmercy-stock
Vue 08 by gisaiagami-stock Vue 03 by gisaiagami-stock Vue 10 by gisaiagami-stock
:iconjlstock:JLStock 50 30
A look back on February's good stock
Please as always abide by the artist's rules.


:thumb49492754: :thumb49564335:
Sad harry Close Up by astrals-stock Jett Stock 07 by Immortal-angel-stock Angel Wanna-be 3 by CaMMiE13-Stock
:thumb49426344: Luna blue dress 7 by Armathor-Stock :thumb49609365:
:thumb48399271: Mexican Sunset 1 by SimplyBackgrounds 316 by sunsetstock
Daisy 01 by Kiwikumquatlime Flower Orange - 028 by lexidh-stock :thumb48698476:
Chita trot by stockhorse Duck 1 by Peace-of-Art by Peace-of-Art :thumb49053343:
warthog by smevstock :thumb48790973: :thumb49051691:
ARN-011 by antiquarian :thumb48549810: ARN-015 by antiquarian
:thumb49730516: :thumb48836895: VINTAGE Uniform 06_quaddles by quaddles
:thumb49208138: Dolly Mix 2 by stockstuffs gourds 03 by CotyStock
object _food_grapes by Aimelle-Stock :thumb48977472: :thumb48980021:
:thumb48179575: Scart Adapter by Special-K-001 Boiler room by Mrhass-stock
We Fly Around by FractalAngel-Stock texture2 by lunartex Fiery Orb by Nereja
:thumb49811827: Hippocampus - Emerald by markopolio-stock :thumb48580779:
:thumb48054208: :thumb49686695: :thumb49102665:
:iconstock-artists:stock-artists 56 47
100 Great links to designers and Illustrators
Heres a great list of Design, Illustrators and Fineart websites that you've probably never seen!
Great source of inspiration! studioaka
:icondotau:dotau 79 16
A look back on January's stock

Jumpin Jiminy 37 by Ahrum-Stock :thumb47512137: tbvjw_1 by jademacalla Wookiestock: BadBooze Preview by wookiestock :thumb46120122: Prince Image 3 by tacostock
:thumb46123397: wizard boy stock 4 by DemoncherryStock Blake 16 by Paigesmum-stock Joshua Stock 03 by Immortal-angel-stock :thumb45933649: For Cloud Watching by astrals-stock Angelina Dress 2 by Rivendell-PhotoStock :thumb46291066:
winter 12 by Caltha-stock :thumb47206785: D_s4076_MossyRock by DimagerStock 123 by simbion-stockSquare Composition by astrals-stock 0014 by mariastock :thumb46980483: Asiatic lillies by Nanakiwi
Kitten Smile by CatStock :thumb46946262: Stock - Elephant 2 by Cleonor Holly sun by stockhorse :thumb46641934: Parrot 1 by NikiljuiceStock flamingo 2.3 by meihua-stock :thumb46094405:
VINTAGE Uniform 01_quaddles by quaddles :thumb47221532: COL-018 by antiquarian olde tyme34 by Camillus-Fly COL-014 by antiquarian STJ-005 by antiquarian PER-004 by antiquarian olde tyme32 by Camillus-Fly
oranges by SulfuricStock Kiwi 02 by restmlinstock cupcakes. by PinkSassyRobot Coffee Heart by bg-stock pumpkin by thefallenbg :thumb46525031: hot chocolate stock by Samphire-stock Cidre de Pomme. by clasixart
Dell servers by telli Coils n panel by Mrhass-stock
:iconstock-artists:stock-artists 68 59



Stephanie Payne
Current Residence: The Witches Cabin
Personal Quote: The tip of one finger touched it! The trigger at least was hers!
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  • Watching: Barbara Walters Special: Oscars
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:pointr: Comment on the resource you used/Note this account if you use. (So I can see/fave it :) )
:pointr: If you use outside of dA you still must give me a link.
:pointr: For commercial use contact me for permission (outside of dA).
:pointr: Credit where credit is due (i.e. when you use my stuff).
:pointr: Do not claim as your own or upload to other sites without alteration, etc.
:pointr: Brushes should not be altered and redistributed.
:pointr: Have fun!
:pointr: There may be some images that are marked as not allowed for print's, please respect that.
:pointr: Do not use my images to promote hate, discrimination, abuse etc.


:pointr: I hereby grant all DeviantArtists permission to use my stock in any and all Deviant Prints without restriction other then the above stated rules.
:pointr: If you could tell me you were making a print I would appriciate it :) You don't have to buy me a print or anything (unless you're feeling particually generous ;)).

:faq:dA FAQ's::faq:
:pointr: FAQ #81: How can I create links to other deviants, deviations, or websites?
:pointr: FAQ #217: What are "Stock and Resources" and can I use them in my submissions?
:pointr: FAQ #602: How do I download Brushes?


:pointr: I'm happy to take them, though I can't guarentee they'll get done.
:pointr: Nothing inappropriate. I'm 16, ya'll.
:pointr: I dont really have costumes at the moment, so uh yeah.
:pointr: If you're not sure if I can do something just ask anyway, you never know.
:pointr: If you want brushes or something like that I can more then likely do them (I have both PS and PSP, if that's any help).

Art Account: LadyAlias


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